clarity & insight

At Tapestry we weave authentic brands by combining deep insight into people's true wants with total clarity about what our clients can uniquely offer.




Tapestry specializes in weaving together all aspects of brand strategy. We advise brands on what to be, do & say to authentically connect with people.

An authentic brand shows up in a way that's sincere, real and sustainably differentiating.

Our straightforward approach untangles the complexities of old school brand strategy to quickly, easily gain clarity.


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We dig for deep understanding of your consumers, customers, competitors & markets




Crafting meaningful strategy & brand architecture to help your brand stand apart



In the beginning was the word. Your name is how you're remembered. Make it great!


Where can your brand go next? And where should it not? We practice disciplined, brand-led new product development

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“Rebeca and Tapestry Strategy are Formica Corp's "go to" for strategy and naming projects. Rebeca has helped us connect consumer and customer insight to craft powerful business strategies for global innovation and deliver original and relevant names and positioning for multiple new products. She is thorough and professional, and her processes are creative, fun and always fruitful.”

-Amy Fowles Gath VP Marketing, Formica

“Rebeca is a wonderful partner. She has worked with us in a facilitator role. She has worked with us to develop a five year strategy. She is excellent at getting very different people with very different points of view to come to a consensus on action. She is great at reading the room. She is also very good at structuring exercises that introduce fun and focus at the same time. She good at asking the tough questions. We will continue to use her. I highly recommend Rebecca, she is easy to work with and very skilled.”

-Joe Workman President, Americas at Kao

“Rebeca has been a fantastic facilitator with a strong group of personalities, helping to create and clarify a strategic direction. Rebeca came highly recommended and she has delivered for us. We continue our journey with her and

Tapestry Strategy.”

-Steve Cagle - VP Global Supply Chain, Kao Brands Company

“Engaging Tapestry Strategy was an incredible asset to my new company, helping to create a clear, compelling vision for a complex story. They elevated my brand, helping to articulate the core mission. Rebeca’s creativity is unparalleled, and it is because of her excellence in this area that I asked Tapestry to help create the core brand vision for my new brand, FlashDraw.”
- Eva Lutz - General Manager, Design Concepts